What does Wild Medicine mean?

Wild, seen as the natural state of uninhabited, uncultivated. Medicine seen as anything that assists you in healing by connecting with the grand mystery of life. Anything that brings personal power, strength and wisdom while experiencing a sense of connection to the Whole. Tattoo is an ancient practice that offers an initiatory, healing, guiding, strengthening, and insightful experience. The process has much to do with the love and intentions of the ones performing the ritual, as well as with the imagery, symbols and marks themselves. Your tattoo experience is a powerful spiritual practice.

What is a Non-electrical tattoo?

A Non-electrical tattoo is a tattoo made by pushing ink into the skin manually. No tattoo machines are used and it does not require electricity. They are commonly known as stick and poke or hand poke. Several cultures, tribes and people throughout time have been assigning their own technique and meaning to this practice.

How did you learn to tattoo?

I have 10 years experience as a professional artist and 5 years as a hand poke tattoo artist. I’ve been professionally trained in the trade of electrical tattooing, yet I feel called to exclusively non-electrical tattoos.

What materials do you use to tattoo?

I use single-use tattooing needles with tattoo ink (zuper black).

How long will the tattooing take?

This style of tattooing is significantly slower than mechanized methods of tattooing. Expect a half hour to an hour for a design the size of a US dime. For a design which is 2 or 3 inches long, expect at least three to five hours. A single line band around an arm or leg may take between 2 to 5 hours. This being said, the time required by each tattoo varies significantly. Lines and dots go relatively quickly. Curves typically go much slower. Your tattoo may be completed within a single session, or may require planning out multiple sessions spaced out over days or weeks.

Does it hurt?

Yes, pain is part of the process of transformation and a celebrated aspect of this practice. Pain levels will vary depending on the location in your body from mild to a bit intense. That being said, a lot of people have reported experiencing a much more gentle feeling than those received with machinery.

What is the healing process like for my tattoo?

Everyone is different, though most people have reported feeling mostly healed by day three. Though it takes 2-3 weeks to heal completely. There is often no blood, and on occasion, a very small drop. Many people say non-electrical tattoos have a faster and less painful healing process.

What are the risks involved in being tattooed?

Any wound created on the body creates the potential for infection. Strict sanitation practices before and during tattooing, and proper care during healing make this risk very slim. Of the many tattoos on my own body, and all those individuals I have tattooed over the years, I have yet to experience infection. While I will do everything possible to ensure your tattoo heals impeccably, please understand that in any form of tattooing, you as the receiver are assuming some risk.

What about touch-ups?

Normal touch-ups are offered as a part of every tattoo. Touch ups take place after a tattoo is fully healed (usually 4-6 weeks after completion of tattooing), to add very minor amounts of ink where needed. Many tattoos will not need any touching up. For some tattoos, touch-ups may be recommended. There is no extra charge for one touch-up, unless you have directly gone against instructions for after care of the tattoo and need significant amendments.